How often should I wash my car?

How often you wash your vehicle depends on many factors, such as weather, where you commute or spend the most time, and where your vehicle is stored when not in use.

The area your vehicle spends the most time in, largely contributes to the condition of your paint.

  1. Do you park under a tree at home or at work? Tree sap can stain or tarnish your paint.
  2. Is there salt under or around you car? If left on for too long, this can cause rust in your undercarriage.

Another factor on how often to wash your vehicle depends on the route you take anywhere. The higher the stream of contaminants, the more exposure to your vehicle. Pollution can come from areas with a lot of construction and other vehicles.


  1. Bird droppings mixed with pollution can corrode your paint.
  2. Rain mixed with air pollutants can form acid rain which can also damage your paint.

Where your car “sleeps” is also a major factor in how often your should wash your vehicle. If left in a garage, it is protected from any of the major elements, in which case a wash on a weekly basis may not be all that necessary.

Generally speaking, we would recommended washing your vehicle  once a week to ensure contaminants are washed off your vehicle regularly, leaving your vehicle’s body and paint in good condition.


  1. Use the right car wash soap/chemicals. DO NOT use household cleaning agents.
  2. Perform the 2-bucket method to avoid scratching your paint.
  3. Refrain from washing your car when the body is too hot and also directly under the sun.
  4. ALWAYS use a different bucket, sponge, and tools for your wheels and tires, from the rest of the car.
  5. Gently use a microfiber towel and air compressor to dry your vehicle, reducing the chances of spreading dirt around.

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